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About Luke Marlow

Leicester Physiotherapy Luke Marlow

Luke Marlow graduated from The University of Salford with a first class honours degree where he specialised in musculoskeletal injuries.

Luke Marlow has experience working with a wide range of organisations including Coventry RFC, Metro-physio clinic in Manchester, Nottingham Queens Medical Centre and Suffolk Sports Injury Clinic.

He also spent a period of time working with the Volleyball, Soccer and American Football teams in the South Dakota State University, USA, where he developed expertise in acute pitch side treatment and specialist rehabilitation programs.

As a keen sportsman himself Luke understands frustration caused by injury but also sees the damage which can be caused by continuing to compete whilst injured.

Luke Marlow’s sporting interest

Luke’s interest in sport developed at an early age in Leicestershire when playing a range of sports including football, cross country running and cycling. Immediately prior to entering university Luke spent much of his time training and competing as a cyclist at national level. He also worked for Leicestershire Fire & Rescue as a part-time fire-fighter. It was this exposure to sport and the injuries it lead to which sparked his enthusiasm in Sports Rehabilitation.

Luke has a structural approach to musculo-skeletal problems and strongly believes patient education is a key part of the rehabilitation process. Understanding the cause and mechanism of the pain is just as important as the treatment received.

Academically, Luke Marlow graduated top of his class with a first class honours degree. As well as covering all aspects of musculoskeletal training (such as strength and conditioning), the degree covered functional anatomy, rehabilitation techniques, postural and biomechanical analysis, manipulation and mobilisation, sports massage and movement analysis. Luke is also an accredited sports rehabilitator and a fully registered member of BASRat (Association for Sport Rehabilitation Therapists).

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