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Home Based Physio Appointments

Home Based Physio Appointments from Leicester Physio and Sports Injury Clinic

Leicester Physio and Sports Injury Clinic provide home based physio appointments and treatments for individuals in Leicestershire and beyond.
These Home-Based Sessions are particularly convenient for:

    • Busy working people who have no time to travel to the clinic
    • Individuals with musculo-skeletal injuries who find driving difficult
    • Individuals who may have mobility problems
    • Children who respond more favourably with home-based treatments
    • Individuals who simply prefer treatment in the comfort of their own home

We provide home based physio appointments for assessments and treatments for musculoskeletal conditions, sports injuries, neurological injuries, postural imbalance injuries or paediatric conditions. Home-Based sessions use the full range of modern specialist equipment so that all treatment is available.

Home Based Physio Appointments are available

Monday 10am – 10pm
Tuesday 10am – 10pm
Wednesday 10am – 10pm
Thursday 10am – 10pm
Friday 10am – 10pm
Saturday 10am – 10pm
Sunday Closed

Home Based Physio Appointments Price List

First appointment/initial assessment- £40
Follow up session (30 minutes)- £40
Sports Massage (30 minutes)- £40
Myofascial Release (30 minutes)- £40
All Home-Based prices are based on living within 5 mile radius (£1/extra 1 mile)

Home based Physio Appointments Leicester PhysiotherapyCancellation Policy
At Leicester Physio we work hard to keep your costs to a minimum. In doing so, it means that we have to guarantee your attendance at your appointment and therefore we do have to charge a full fee for all cancellations unless we receive at least 24 hours notice.


Paying for your Leicester Physio and Sports Injury Clinic Appointment

Please note that we can only accept cash or cheque on the day of appointment.
If you have any more questions about our Leicester Physiotherapy Price List, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What to expect from a home visit

When you arrange a home visit it is important to set aside enough time, free from interruptions and telephone calls. Prepare a room where you will have enough privacy and make sure it is warm. Your spouse or a friend is welcome to be present if you prefer not to be alone.

The first visit may take as long as an hour, during which time the therapist will make an assessment of your physical condition and if relevant your living area too. We will discuss with you the most appropriate treatment and if there is time, proceed to give you a treatment session as well. Any further visits are usually 30 minutes long unless otherwise stated.

Before your first visit it is helpful to gather together any recent medical records or X-rays that you have, to show to the therapist when they arrive. Think through what your main problems are and what you would most like to achieve from treatment. Write down a list of questions if you feel you may forget, but don’t worry about it if you do as the therapist will probably expect to see you for a few sessions if not on a regular basis, during which time you can talk about any other issues that come to light.

The therapist will try to arrive as promptly as possible but may be a little delayed if traffic is heavy. If there is going to be a longer delay we will ring you to let you know.

Our advanced therapy and rehabilitation home visits are becoming increasingly popular. We have found that our patients respond to our convenient and personalised service and enjoy the benefits of exclusive management in the comfort of their own home. Whether it be for young mothers who can’t find a baby sitter, for professionals who struggle to make it to the clinic, or post operative patients who find transport difficult we offer evidence based practice conveniently within the family home. If you would struggle to visit our clinic then our home based physio appointments would be a good option.

Leicester Physio is fully equipped with mobile Electrotherapy and Ultrasound units, treatment bed, and mobile exercise equipment. If you would like to book a home based physio appointment then give us a call. We offer a 10 mile radius for our home based physio appointments.