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New Clinic Opened along Mannor Walk, Market Harborough

Leicester Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic Opens a second clinic in Market Harborough

Luke Marlow, from Kibworth, is opening a new physiotherapy clinic in Market Harborough along Manor Walk. Since opening his first clinic in Kibworth, Luke has successfully treated patients from age 14 yrs up to 90 years old.

Expanding has enabled Luke to offer more choice of both treatment times and location so as to further improve the quality of the service his patients receive.

“Since many of my current patients travel from Market Harborough, a clinic there was the obvious choice,” said Luke. “The premises at 19 Manor Walk has operated as a physiotherapy clinic, for over 20 years, since Manor Walk was established. The previous physiotherapist retired last year.”

For those patients who would find it more convenient home visits are also offered. These have proved to be popular for patients with mobility problems and those without transport. Luke has experience working with a wide range of organisations including Coventry RFC, Nottingham Queen’s Medical Centre, Suffolk Sports Injury Clinic and Metro-Physio in Manchester. He also spent a period of time working with sports teams in South Dakota, USA.

At Harborough Physio a variety of treatments are offered along as well as the more traditional physiotherapy with Luke specialising in diagnosing and treating sports injuries. He has partnered with several local sports clubs to offer treatment to the players along with his expertise on how to prevent injuries before they happen. Luke is also interested in hearing from any other local sports clubs or teams about a potential partnership.

We would like to thank all of our current patients for their continued support which has enabled our first clinic to be successful. We also hope that the new clinic in Market Harborough will be closer to travel to for many of you. Come in and visit us or contact us on 01858 432 817 to book an appointment or for more information.