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Neurological injuries

How do Neurological Injuries occur?

Neurological Injuries- Physiotherapy LeicesterNeurological injuries occur when the nerves in the body are injured. Much like the other injuries damage to the nerves happens when the nerve is overloaded with a repetitive strain or when the nerve produces an abnormal movement due to posture or the body compensating for a muscle or joint unable to do its job. Nerves are very important as they perform tasks like regulating your breathing, detecting a change in heat and controlling every muscle in the body. When the nerve gets injured and is not treated secondary injuries occur due to signals being lost or incomplete when transmitting to the muscles.

The main reasons for Neurological Injuries

• Sustained Postures- Sustaining an incorrect posture can cause unwanted tension on the nerve. The nerve can withstand only a certain amount of tension before inflammation and scarring occurs. This will cause a loss of signals to the muscles and also can cause further injuries to any interface which the nerve travels through.

• Abnormal Movement Patterns- When the body produces abnormal movement patterns it creates more movement and tension on the nerve. This creates injury to the nerve by repeating these abnormal movements over time.

• Cervical or Lumbar Back Problems- Spinal Injuries cause the spine to become stiff. This creates unwanted tension to the nerve roots. All the movement in the nerve stems from the nerve root and so the movement in the nerve decreases. This causes abnormal movement patterns in the body and in some cases causes the nerves to move beyond its normal range which causes injury.

Main treatments for neurological injuries
• Biomechanical and postural correction- Helps to increase range of movement in the nerve and restores optimal function.
• Education of normal Movement- Decreases tension within the nerve and prevents friction occurring at the mechanical interfaces.
• Sliders and Tensioners to the nerve- Educates the nerve to move normally and progressively increases the amount of tension the nerve can withstand.

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