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Postural Correction

Why have Postural Correction?

Postural Correction Leicester PhysiotherapySome people regularly suffer from muscle or joint pain. The types of pain vary greatly from client to client. Some clients who are suffering from muscular pain benefit from deep tissue massage, others require manipulations in order to help joints realign. Both of the approaches help to treat and temporarily reduce the pain.

Unfortunately the pain may return and people are caught in the trap of getting treatment after treatment in order to be able to get through their everyday lives. Instead of just treating the pain at Leicester Physio we diagnose firstly what is physically causing the pain and then attempt to stop the pain reoccurring.

What causes the recurring pain?

Recurring pain can be incredibly varied but often the pain is a result of muscular imbalances and poor postural habits. By looking at where the muscular imbalances lie and focusing on postural correction then we can get to the cause of the recurring pain.

Why have postural correction?

A common postural abnormality that I often come across in people is called upper crossed syndrome. This condition is typified and seen in people who have rounded shoulders and a forward head posture. Upper crossed syndrome can lead to head and neck pain, numbness or tingling in the arms and hands. I often see this postural condition in people who spend a lot of time driving or working at a desk, postural correction can alleviate this pain and fix muscular imbalances so the pain does not return.

There are many different postural conditions and often people are suffering from aspects of several of them. Postural correction can both improve your posture and alleviate pain.

How does Poor Posture cause Pain?
Poor postures leads to prolonged loading of joints, ligaments, muscles, and other musculoskeletal tissues which overtime causes these tissues to become irritated, and painful.

Our tissues also stretch out considerably when we continually load them. Sustained poor posture can lead to irreversible loss of tissue firmness. Tissues need a certain amount of firmness to hold our body parts together and to stop joints from moving too far.
At Leicester Physio we have many clients who attend treatment sessions, not for pain, but because they realise that they have a postural fault which may be affecting their musculo-skeletal health. By using postural correction we can make sure that we prevent pain from occurring in the future.

A correct posture means that the vital body parts stack vertically on top of each other. This positioning will usually allow the joints to sit in their middle position. The small, deep, postural muscles that attach closely to the joint have to work to maintain stability and this correct position. The postural muscles have to be strong and controlled enough to maintain this correct posture.

At Leicester Physio we have extensive skill and expertise to be able to train these muscles.

Our generation of people spends far longer sitting than ever before in history. Our lifestyles promotes physical passiveness.
Sitting is in itself tough on the spine but slouching is one of the most relentless and detrimental strains on our spines in modern life. Slouching encourages our low back to take exactly the opposite to ideal shape. In the 21st century our work involves far fewer movements performed under tension than it did in years gone by.

Posture Assessment and Treatment
Posture needs to be assessed both statically (sitting and standing), and also dynamically (walking and running.) At Leicester Physio we have specialist equipment for this type of assessment.
Often people walk or run with a postural alignment that inhibits muscles around the low back and pelvis region from working efficiently. This may result in abnormal pelvis mechanics and lower back, pelvis, hip, and knee problems.

Ergonomic Assessment may also be required to identify and correct any barriers to sitting correctly that may exist, e.g. workstation setup.
The ability to correct posture lies in the co-operation between the therapist and the client. The client must understand the benefits of the exercises. This is because a lot of the movements are extremely small and gentle. It requires time and work for an efficient, low effort, correct postural habit to form, but the health and fitness benefits gained will be worthwhile.

If you want to improve your posture using postural correction then book an appointment with Leicester Physiotherapy.